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Vivian Taylor

Vivian Taylor is a famous American actress and singer known for her incredible performances and stunning vocals. At just 25 years old, Vivian has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her impressive net worth, estimated to be in the millions. Born on August 27, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia, Vivian has captured the hearts of many with her charming personality and undeniable talent.

Who is Vivian Taylor?

Vivian Taylor is a famous actress and singer from America. She was born on August 27, 1998, which makes her 25 years old. People love her because she acts and sings well. She lives in the United States and was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Many people know her because she is very good at what she does and quite rich.


Nick Name / Stage Name Vivian Tailor
Born (Date of Birth) 27 August 1998
Age (as 2024) 25 Years Old
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Early Life and Education

Vivian Taylor was born in Atlanta, Georgia. As a little girl, she loved to sing and act. She was always the star of her school plays. Her teachers knew she was special. They encouraged her to chase her dreams.

So, she worked hard on her singing and acting skills. She also did well in her studies. She knew that to be a great artist, she had to be smart too. Her parents were very proud of her. Her friends admired her. Today, she is a big star because she never gave up on her dreams.

Vivian Taylor Parents and Siblings

Vivian Taylor has a lovely family who are all proud of her. Her mom and dad always cheered her on as she chased her dreams. They helped her practice singing and acting. Vivian also has a brother.

They would often put on shows for their parents. Her family loves to see her shine on stage. They always knew she was special and could be a big star one day. And they were right! Vivian’s family always stands by her, and they are a big part of her success.

Vivian Taylor Boyfriend

Vivian Taylor is very private about her love life. She doesn’t talk much about her boyfriend. It’s like a secret. Maybe she wants to focus on her singing and acting. Or, she wants to keep her personal life away from the spotlight.

She thinks it’s essential to have some things just for herself. This helps her to relax and be happy. Remember, even famous people need their private space. And that’s okay.

Vivian Taylor Physical Attributes: Height and Weight

Vivian Taylor is a pretty lady with a tall height and a healthy weight is 54kg. She is like a tall, strong tree. Her height is around 5 feet 7 inches, as tall as a basketball hoop. She has a good weight, too, just right for her height.

This makes her look graceful when she is acting or singing on stage. Vivian Taylor also has beautiful brown eyes and long, black hair. She always looks lovely in her outfits. She takes good care of her body by eating healthy food and exercising. This is how Vivian Taylor keeps herself fit and beautiful.

The Impressive Net Worth of Vivian Taylor

Vivian Taylor worked very hard and earned a lot from singing and acting. She is net worth is estimated to  $3millions of dollars! She didn’t get this money all at once. Whenever she acted in a movie or sang a song, she made money.

Over time, all this money added up to a lot. This is how she became so rich. But Vivian didn’t just spend all her money. She also saved some of it. That’s an intelligent thing to do. Remember, Vivian worked hard to earn this money. That’s why she is so successful. Isn’t that impressive?

Vivian Taylor Before Fame

Before Vivian Taylor was famous, she was a little girl with big dreams. She loved singing and acting in her school plays. Even when she was not on stage, she would sing and work at home.

Her family would watch and clap for her. She was perfect, and everyone could see it. But she knew she had to work hard to be a star. So, she practised every day. She studied hard in school, too. This is how Vivian started her journey to fame.

Vivian Taylor Career

Vivian Taylor is a shining star in acting and singing. She has worked in many movies and sang lots of songs. People love to see her in films and listen to her songs. She has won many awards for her work.

This is because she is very good at what she does. Even as a busy star, she still takes time to practice. This is how she keeps getting better. Vivian is not just a star but a hard worker, too! That’s why she is so loved and successful.

Vivian Taylor Social Media

Vivian Taylor  shares pictures of her work and fun times, too. She also talks to her fans. They love it when she replies to them. Vivian has a lot of followers.

They like to see her posts and leave lovely comments. You can follow Vivian, too. Just find her on your favourite social media app. Remember, being nice when you talk to her online is essential. Vivian loves her fans and likes to share her journey with them.

Diving Deeper into Vivian Taylor’s Biography and Wiki

Vivian Taylor was just a little girl when she started to sing and act. Even though she was small, her dreams were big. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. When she grew up, she became a very famous actress and singer.

Now, she is known all over the world! People love to see her in movies and hear her sing. They also follow her on social media. Vivian worked very hard to achieve her dreams. She showed us that if you work hard and never give up, your dreams can come true, too!

The Bright Future Ahead for Vivian Taylor

Vivian Taylor’s future is looking very bright! She keeps getting better at singing and acting. People can’t wait to see her next movie or hear her new song. She might even win more awards! Also, Vivian might do other fun things like write a book or start a business.

Who knows? The future is full of surprises. No matter what, we know Vivian will keep working hard and making her dreams come true. Let’s cheer for Vivian!


  • Singing and Dancing: Even when she is not working, Vivian loves singing and dancing. She does this for fun. It’s like playing a game!
  • Reading: Vivian loves to read books. She can learn new things and enjoy exciting stories. 
  • Cooking: Did you know Vivian likes to cook? She can make tasty meals. Yummy!
  • Painting: Vivian also loves to paint. She can make beautiful pictures with lots of colours.
  • Hiking: Sometimes, Vivian goes hiking. This means walking in the mountains or forests. It’s a great way to enjoy nature!
  • Traveling: Vivian enjoys seeing new places. She loves to travel around the world. It’s like a big adventure!
  • Gardening: Vivian likes to grow flowers and vegetables in her garden. It’s fun to see plants grow! Isn’t it cool that Vivian has so many hobbies? Just like Vivian, you can also find hobbies that you enjoy. Remember, hobbies can make life more fun!

Interesting Facts About Vivian Taylor

  • Vivian Taylor can play three musical instruments: the piano, the guitar, and the drums. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Vivian has a cute pet dog named Benny. She loves playing with him! – Her favourite colour is blue. She often wears blue outfits. 
  • She can speak two languages fluently: English and Spanish. That’s cool. 
  • Vivian has been to more than 20 countries for her concerts. She loves to travel!
  • Her favourite food is spaghetti. Yum! 
  • She is good at playing chess. Can you play chess too?
  • Vivian loves nature and often volunteers for beach clean-ups. She cares about our planet!


What is Vivian Taylor’s birthday?

Vivian was born on August 27, 1998. She celebrates her birthday every year with a giant cake!

Where was Vivian Taylor born?

She was born in a beautiful city called Atlanta, in Georgia, United States.

What is Vivian Taylor’s job?

Vivian is a famous actress and singer. She acts in movies and sings beautiful songs.

How tall is Vivian Taylor?

She is tall like a tree! Vivian is about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Does Vivian Taylor have a pet?

Yes, she does! Vivian has a cute dog named Benny. They love to play together.

Can Vivian Taylor play any instruments?

Absolutely! She can play the piano, the guitar, and the drums.

What are Vivian Taylor’s hobbies?

Vivian enjoys singing, dancing, reading, cooking, painting, hiking, travelling, and gardening in her free time.

Does Vivian Taylor like to travel?

Yes, she does! Vivian has travelled to more than 20 different countries for her concerts.

What is Vivian Taylor’s favourite food?

She loves spaghetti. It’s her favourite meal! 

Can Vivian Taylor speak any other languages?

Yes! Besides English, she also speaks Spanish fluently.


Wow, we sure learned a lot about Vivian Taylor! She’s a fantastic actress and singer. Vivian showed us that dreams can come true if we work hard. She was just a little girl when she started, but now she’s a big star! Isn’t that cool? Vivian also taught us that being smart and saving money is essential.

And guess what? Like you and me, she loves talking to her fans on social media. So, let’s keep cheering for Vivian and enjoy her incredible movies and songs. Remember, like Vivian, you can make your dreams come true too!

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