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Mandatory Credit: Photo by JIM SMEAL/BEI/REX/Shutterstock (458757co) Steve Harvey and wife Mary Lee 2004 BET (BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION ) AWARDS, KODAK THEATRE, LOS ANGELES, AMERICA - 29 JUN 2004


Mary Lee Harvey is a well-known figure with a career spanning several decades in the entertainment sector. Harvey, a comedian, and actress born in Texas on October 20, 1960, first gained notoriety for her high-profile union with comedian and TV personality, Steve Harvey.

Mary Lee Harvey has worked on numerous entertainment-related projects, such as comedic tours, films, and television shows. She has established a reputation for being a gifted comic and performer and received praise for her contributions to the business.

Despite her accomplishments, Mary Lee Harvey is best known for her turbulent marriage to Steve Harvey and subsequent divorce, which have drawn much media attention and rumors.

The lengthy legal struggle over their son’s custody that followed their widely publicized divorce ultimately profoundly influenced their lives and professions. Mary Lee Harvey is still a significant player in the entertainment business today, and many people are still affected by her legacy and impact.

Early Life and Family Background:

Mary Lee Harvey was born to a big family in Texas on October 20, 1960. She was raised in a working-class home where her parents instilled a love of fun and entertainment and a strong work ethic.

Early Career in Comedy and Entertainment:

Mary Lee Harvey started pursuing her love of comedy and entertainment as a young adult. She began doing stand-up comedy in clubs and venues in her community, where she quickly developed a reputation for her distinctive humor and comedic timing.

Harvey established herself in the entertainment sector at the beginning of the 1990s, getting parts in both films and television series. She made several notable television appearances, including ones in “The Steve Harvey Show,” “Me and the Boys,” and “The Parkers,” among others.

Mary Lee Harvey spent her early career honing her craft as a comic and performer, and her distinct sense of humor and wit quickly became her signature. She was praised for her talent and commitment by many in the profession and for her ability to make people laugh even in the most trying circumstances.

Despite her early success, Harvey’s career would soon take a dramatic turn when she became involved in a highly publicized divorce and custody dispute with her ex-husband, Steve Harvey. Nevertheless, many people today still recall and appreciate what she contributed to the entertainment business.

Current Life and Career:

Mary Lee Harvey is now concentrating on creating a new life after putting the legal dispute with her ex-husband behind her. She continues working on numerous projects and endeavors and is still active in entertainment.

Her lifestyle business, which offers a variety of goods and services about health, wellness, and self-care, was one of Harvey’s most recent endeavors. Harvey wants to motivate and inspire women through her brand to take charge of their life and achieve their aspirations.

a man and a woman standing next to each other

Harvey has also been active in several charitable projects, such as campaigns to increase support and awareness for children’s education, women’s health issues, and mental health issues. She has been honored for her dedication to these causes and has won prizes and commendations.

Harvey has also continued to work on various entertainment-related ventures, including appearances on talk shows and reality TV series. Her admirers still follow and cheer her on in all her activities, and she is still a well-liked personality in the entertainment world.

Marriage and Divorce from Steve Harvey:

Steve Harvey, a well-known comedian, actor, and television personality, married Mary Lee Harvey for nine years. Harvey was a stay-at-home mother during their marriage, and Steve Harvey was their family’s main income provider.

Steve Harvey and Mary Lee Harvey’s divorce was a highly publicized and bitter court case. Although the legal proceedings for the couple’s divorce took several years and were marked by accusations from both parties, the divorce was finally finalized in 2005.

Harvey alleged that her ex-husband had cheated on her repeatedly while they were married and had been violent and abusive. She also accused him of being disloyal and possessive and bullying her with the help of his connections in the entertainment business.

All of the accusations were refuted by Steve Harvey, who asserted that his ex-wife was merely attempting to extort money from him. Although the legal dispute was ultimately resolved outside of court, the scandal surrounding their divorce remained in the news for years.

Legacy and Impact:

In the entertainment world, Mary Lee Harvey left a legacy of tenacity, tenacity, and perseverance. Despite her difficulties throughout her court dispute with her ex-husband, Harvey followed her ambitions and established a lucrative career in the field.

She is recognized for her contributions to the representation of women in the industry and for being a trailblazer for women in comedy. Harvey’s work paved the door for other female comedians, and her legacy continues to motivate and inspire young girls to follow their aspirations and dismantle obstacles in the entertainment business.

Harvey greatly influenced comedy and the portrayal of women in the entertainment business. She contributed to increasing prospects for female comedians and performers by challenging the traditional roles and expectations placed on women in the business.

Audiences from various backgrounds enjoyed Harvey’s performances because of her distinctive and approachable comedy style. Her efforts paved the way for other women to follow in her footsteps and assisted in dismantling obstacles and preconceptions.

Today, Harvey’s influence can be observed in the rise of female comedians and entertainers and the increased representation of women in these fields. Her achievements in the entertainment business will always be remembered and honored, and her legacy continues to encourage and inspire women worldwide.


Mary Lee Harvey has seen successes and setbacks throughout her life and profession. She established herself as an actor and comedian in the entertainment sector and paved the path for other comic women to follow in her footsteps.

During her difficulties, she stayed dedicated to her business and continued to make appearances and perform during her marriage to Steve Harvey and the subsequent legal struggle surrounding their divorce.

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