Josh King Madrid

Josh King Madrid has become an internet sensation in the past few years. Being a successful businessman or an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. Despite all the setbacks, Josh King Madrid has proven to be a successful entrepreneur. His fame has made him millions of dollars, putting him on the list of youngest millionaires. But who is Josh King Madrid?

The Internet has influenced the entire perspective of people all around the world. Many individuals have been benefiting from it for over a decade. Applications like TikTok and Instagram, with an instant gratification algorithm, have also played an essential part in it. Many businesses have also benefited from it and have made a huge chunk of money.

The Early Life of Josh King Madrid:

Born on March 8, 1998. Josh King Madrid was the son of Wanda Madrid and Eric Madrid. Eric was already a businessman who had lived in California. This shows how Josh got influenced to launch a business venture. Josh was raised in Ohio. He has two brothers. Josh’s early years were already surrounded by a business atmosphere. His parents set up their online store of “EHealth Suppliers.”

Josh was fond of basketball during his high school days. He studied at Vista Murrieta before he transferred to Paloma Valley High School located in Menifee. He was then persuaded into basketball thought his high school years. Eventually, he became one of California’s triple jumpers by his junior year. But he did not have any interest in that line, whether he wanted to study marketing business and wanted to compete in it.

The journey towards business:

He captured some viral growth strategies he learned in school. From selling beans to his peers, he began to sell jewelry, sunglasses, customized clothes, and accessories on Facebook and eBay. By earning from these, he bought himself a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T which he customized and used in car rallies and car shows.

How entrepreneurs think:

Despite dropping out of college, Josh never gave up on his dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Josh did not make those million dollars easily. He has taken significant leaps to reach the level he is on now. He wrote two books, “The Art of Frame Control” and “Jestset Life Hacks: 33 Life Hacks for Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, and Geniuses Have in Common”. Josh has also hosted several T.V. shows. He also created “The Dropout Degree Show,” which has over a million downloads and has been ranked among the Top 10 Business Podcasts for two years.

Josh King Madrid is first and one of the biggest and most famous internet marketers for generation Z. Jetset has expertise in Product Launch, sales and marketing, internet marketing, and strategic alliances. He is also the founder of the millennial entrepreneur movement, “The Team JetSet .”Under the name “crypto bar,” Josh has sold NFTs worth over $10 million for his NFT clients. He is an efficient neuro marketer and a profound marketing consultant.

Josh King’s Internet Fame and Interests:

Though Josh has a background as a film producer and is an efficient public speaker, most of Josh’s achievements and exploits are related to the Internet. Because of this, he earned the sobriquet of “American Internet Celebrity .”He is widely known on social media. Having followers of 1 million+ on all social media platforms. He was also listed among Top Business Influencers in 2017.


Many entrepreneurs come and go. Consistency and risk-taking are what really matter the most. Many people get scared of risks and never pursue their dream. Josh not only did that, but he also became the youngest to achieve this milestone. We can expect a lot from this young entrepreneur in the future, and surely, he will amuse us with his impeccable knowledge and skills.

Josh King Madrid’s persistence, understanding, and adaptability to the modern area make him so intelligent. That wraps up Josh King Madrid’s life and how he became a successful entrepreneur.

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