If you are searching for excellent Jesse Stone movies, look no further. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best Jesse Stone movies you may have missed. These movies offer a wide range of genres, from drama to comedy, and promise to keep you entertained for hours. So, let us take a closer look at some of the most exceptional Jesse Stone movies you should consider watching.

Stone Cold

In a television series based on the novels of Robert B. Parker, Tom Selleck plays the volatile police chief Jesse Stone. The first film, Stone Cold (2005), is regarded as the best in the series since it shows Jesse’s battle with addiction and his investigation into a series of killings in his community. The film’s immersive atmosphere and fascinating story have won praise, and Selleck’s outstanding performance perfectly captures Jesse’s emotional anguish and feeling of obligation. Gloria Reuben and William Devane play supporting roles and perform outstandingly. The Jesse Stone series fans must see Stone Cold because of its compelling drama, superb acting, and compelling plot.

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Night Passage

The second movie in the Jesse Stone series, “Night Passage,” has the hero battling personal troubles while he defends an innocent man from a violent killer. As the story begins, Jesse investigates the death of an older woman and discovers that someone paid a hitman to kill her. Jesse also learns that the same hitman has been hired to kill another innocent man, even though Jesse has identified the perpetrator and there is insufficient evidence to convict him.

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The perpetrator and there is insufficient evidence to condemn him. Jesse takes on the duty of guarding this individual and, while looking into the mysterious casino and the mob figures connected, stumbles across a child trafficking ring. Jesse saves the man and brings the culprits to justice while facing his demons at the movie’s climax. The movie “Night Passage” is gripping and action-packed, keeping the audience interested all through.

Death Paradise

Tom Selleck stars as Jesse Stone, a former police chief who moves to Paradise, Massachusetts, in Death in Paradise, the third movie in the Jesse Stone series. The local police hires him to investigate a wealthy socialite’s murder, leading him to confront corrupt officials, gangsters, and a detective. The movie features outstanding performances from the cast and is a gripping thriller with a surprising finale. Death in Paradise is a must-watch for those seeking an enthralling mystery.

Sea Change

The 2007 crime-drama film Sea Change, based on the book by Robert B. Parker, stars Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, the Paradise, Massachusetts, police chief. The story revolves around a suspected death that prompts Jesse to unearth a complicated network of lies and corruption involving influential people. When Katharine Isabelle’s character, who plays the victim’s daughter, begs to be excluded from the investigation, Jesse is forced to consider his moral obligations. The movie has surprises to keep viewers interested until the explosive finish and outstanding performances from its key characters.

Thin Ice

The fifth movie in the Jesse Stone series, Thin Ice, stars Tom Selleck as the lead. Former Los Angeles detective Jesse Stone is currently the police chief of a small Massachusetts town. The plot of the film centers on Jesse’s investigation into a string of homicides connected to a nearby collegiate hockey team.

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The investigation uncovers that corruption, violence, and deceit threaten the village. The movie’s supporting cast features talented actors, including Kathy Baker, William Devane, and Stephen McHattie. The portrayal of Jesse Stone by Tom Selleck, a tenacious but damaged guy, is superb. The scary movie “Thin Ice” tackles concepts like corruption, power, and betrayal. The well-written plot has exciting turns and twists that keep viewers interested until the end.

No Remorse

No Remorse, the sixth book in the Jesse Stone series, is considered a standout. The premise revolves around Stone’s inquiry into what appeared to be an unintentional vehicle accident, which reveals a more sinister scheme involving a hazardous criminal organization and a well-known adversary. As Jesse Stone, Tom Selleck gives a standout performance, assisted by a talented cast that includes Kathy Baker, William Devane, and Saul Rubinek. The movie has tense action scenes and a depressing mood, which masterfully create suspense and engross a viewing experience. Fans of the crime-thriller subgenre must watch “No Remorse,” a standout entry in the Jesse Stone series.

Innocents Lost

The seventh film in the Jesse Stone series, “Innocents Lost,” came out in 2011. The story revolves around Jesse Stone’s inquiry into the killing of a young girl, which causes him to stumble upon a complicated web of deceit and corruption involving influential people. As Jesse Stone Tom Selleck gives a standout performance, and Kathy Baker and Gloria Reuben round out a superb supporting ensemble. The movie has a lot of scary scenes and surprising turns, which makes watching it exciting. The focus on Jesse’s emotional challenges as he balances his personal and professional life distinguishes “Innocents Lost” from other films. Because of this component, the film gains depth and complexity, making it essential viewing for fans of crime dramas.

Benefit of the Doubt

The eighth film in the Jesse Stone series, “Benefit of the Doubt,” came out in 2012. The movie follows Jesse Stone as he looks into a string of deaths connected to a case he worked on in Los Angeles years before. As Jesse Stone, Tom Selleck puts on a solid performance, supported by a talented ensemble that includes Kathy Baker and William Devane, among others. The film’s complex plot, which features themes of redemption and the perils of assuming the worst, keeps audiences interested. “Benefit of the Doubt” is a significant addition to the Jesse Stone series and is set in the gorgeous Massachusetts village of Paradise.


The Jesse Stone movies are a compelling and well-crafted series of crime dramas that explore the complexities of small-town law enforcement and personal struggles. Tom Selleck’s performance as Jesse Stone is a standout, and the series features a solid supporting cast and nuanced storytelling. The movies are an excellent choice for fans of crime dramas and character-driven storytelling.

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