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In this article, we will discuss Islamabad Police jobs. In Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, the Islamabad Police is in charge of upholding peace and order, preventing and detecting crime, and executing the law. By ensuring public safety, defending people and property, and upholding law and order in the city, the police are dedicated to serving the community.

Working for the Islamabad Police offers the chance to give back to the neighborhood and improve the city’s safety and security. It is a demanding and satisfying job that calls for devotion, commitment, and a feeling of responsibility. Islamabad Police is a desirable job choice for those who wish to make a difference in society because it provides competitive salaries, medical benefits, and other incentives to its employees.

A variety of occupations are available with the Islamabad Police, including entry-level professions and more senior ones like Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector, Constable, and Driver Constable. Additionally, the police force has specialized divisions that call for specialized knowledge and training, such as the Anti-Terrorism Squad, Criminal Investigation Department, Traffic Police, and Special Branch. Depending on their qualifications, abilities, and interests, candidates can select one of these positions.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Depending on the post, there are different age restrictions for applying to various positions with the Islamabad Police. Constable and Driver Constable entry-level posts have a minimum age requirement of 18 years and a maximum age of 25 years. The minimum age requirement is 25 years old, and the upper age limit is 35 years old, for higher-ranking posts like Inspector. However, candidates from particular categories may be given an age relaxation by government policy.
  2. A Matriculation certificate is the minimal educational requirement for entry-level occupations like Constable and Driver Constable. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is necessary for higher-level positions like Inspector, Sub-Inspector, and Assistant Sub-Inspector. Additionally, candidates must have a strong academic history and satisfy any other educational prerequisites listed for the post they are seeking for.
  3. For all positions with the Islamabad Police, physical fitness is a crucial necessity. Candidates must adhere to strict physical requirements, including requirements for height, weight, and chest measures. Additionally, they must pass a physical fitness exam that entails sit-ups, push-ups, and running. Depending on the post being applied for, the precise physical requirements could change.
  4. Pakistani citizens alone may apply for positions with the Islamabad Police. They must also reside in Islamabad or the province from which they are applying and have a current National Identity Card (NIC). Foreigners are not permitted to apply for positions with the Islamabad Police.

Application Process:

Both online and in-person applications are accepted for positions with the Islamabad Police. Making an online account, completing an application form, submitting the necessary files, and paying the application fee are typical steps in the application process.

The application materials needed can change based on the position being applied for. However, the majority of jobs often demand the following documents: a recent passport-sized photo, a National Identity Card (NIC), and proof of education. A Character Certificate and, if relevant, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the applicant’s existing employer may also be requested.

Candidates may submit their applications either online or in person at the Islamabad Police Recruitment Office after filling out the application form and submitting the necessary files. The authenticity of the documents and the accuracy of the information submitted by the applicants must be guaranteed.

When submitting their application, applicants are asked to pay a non-refundable application fee. The actual fee, which is often paid via a bank deposit, may vary depending on the position requested. Applicants must include payment documentation with their application.

Selection Process:

  1. Initial analyzing: The first step in the selection process entails screening applications to make sure applicants meet the requirements for eligibility and have submitted the necessary information and documentation. Candidates that meet the requirements advance to the following phase.
  2. Written test: Candidates must complete a written examination that covers inquiries on topics including general knowledge, English, mathematics, and Pakistan studies. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge, aptitude, and critical thinking skills.
  3. Physical examination: After passing the written exam, candidates must perform sit-ups, push-ups, and running drills. The purpose of the physical examination is to judge the candidate’s level of physical stamina and fitness.
  4. Interview: After passing the written and physical exams, candidates are invited to a panel interview with senior officials. The purpose of the interview is to evaluate the candidate’s personality, communication abilities, and job appropriateness.
  5. Medical examination: After passing the interview, candidates must have a medical exam to make sure they meet the physical and health requirements of the position. A physical exam, hearing and vision exams, and laboratory testing are all part of the medical evaluation.
  6. Final selection: Based on their performance in the written test, physical test, interview, and medical examination, candidates who pass all of the aforementioned stages are added to a merit list. The ultimate decision is based on the order of merit and the open positions. The Islamabad Police then extends job offers to successful candidates.

Training and Appointment:

  • Basic training program:

Candidates must finish a basic training course at the Islamabad Police Training Centre after being chosen. The training program covers subjects including law enforcement, investigation, and community policing and includes both classroom and outdoor instruction. Depending on the position, the training program’s duration may range from a few weeks to several months.

  • Appointment process:

Successful candidates are appointed to their respective jobs in the Islamabad Police after finishing the basic training program. The appointment procedure entails the issue of an appointment letter and the fulfillment of relevant procedures, such as the submission of necessary paperwork and medical fitness certificates.

  • Probation period:

New hires are put on probation after being hired for a set amount of time, typically six months to a year. The recruits are closely observed and evaluated for their performance, behavior, and adherence to rules and regulations during the probationary term. A recruit’s appointment may be canceled if they don’t live up to expectations while on probation. However, once the probationary period is completed, the appointment is confirmed, and the recruit joins the Islamabad Police permanently.


In conclusion, Islamabad Police offers a range of employment opportunities for individuals who are passionate about serving their country and community. The eligibility criteria, application process, and selection process for Islamabad Police jobs are rigorous and competitive, ensuring that only the best candidates are selected for the job. After completing fundamental training programs, successful candidates are appointed to their desired positions. It is crucial to remember that employment in the Islamabad Police comes with a lot of duties and demands commitment, control, and hard work.

Overall, working for the Islamabad Police is a respectable and fulfilling career choice that offers chances for both professional and personal development. To improve your chances of getting hired, you must carefully and completely follow the application and selection process. This is all about Islamabad Police jobs.

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