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The Mayfair family, a wealthy and powerful witch dynasty, is the focus of Anne Rice’s gothic horror book series The Mayfair Witches, set in New Orleans. Three books make up the series: Taltos (1990), The Witching Hour (1990), and Lasher (1993). (1994). We will discuss in detail the cast of mayfair witches.

The books delve into the Mayfair family’s complicated relationships and dark secrets, including their connections to a sinister supernatural being called Lasher and their solid psychic talents. The narrative spans decades and explores the rich mythology and history of the Mayfair family and their battles to comprehend and control their supernatural abilities. Powerful witches, legendary supernatural creatures, and members of the Talamasca, a covert society of magical researchers and historians, are among the many characters in the series. Several perspectives and timelines are used to tell the story, which furthers the narrative’s complexity and intricateness.

The series’ recurring cast’s significance

There is a sizable and varied cast of characters in the Mayfair Witches series, all crucial to the plot. Each character’s individual backstories, motivations, and connections add to the series’ broader plot and themes.

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Also, the characters stand in for various facets of the human experience, such as family, love, power, and the conflict between good and evil. As a result, the characters are a crucial component of the show and considerably contribute to its continuing appeal.

The Mayfair Family

  1. Julian Mayfair:

A significant figure in the Mayfair Witches series is Julian Mayfair. He is the founding member of the Mayfair dynasty and the patriarch of the Mayfair family. The character of Julian is defined as being attractive, charismatic, and intriguing. He is multifaceted and mysterious. He is also a nasty and cunning man who has killed many people throughout the ages to preserve the wealth and power of his family. Despite his weaknesses, Julian is a fascinating character, and his presence permeates the entire series.

  1. Rowan Mayfair:

The Mayfair Witches series’ primary protagonist is Rowan Mayfair. She is the current head of the Mayfair family and a strong witch. Rowan is strong and self-reliant and committed to shielding her loved ones and family from danger. She has a strong bond with Lasher, a supernatural being that has long been associated with the Mayfair family. The series revolves around Rowan’s battle to master her abilities and relationship with Lasher.

  1. Lasher:

Lasher is a solid and enigmatic supernatural being with ties to the Mayfair clan. He has been connected to the family for ages and is characterized as a beguiling and cunning monster. Although Lasher’s precise nature and goals are unknown, his interaction with the Mayfair family is a significant plot point for the show.

  1. Deirdre Mayfair:

Rowan’s aunt Deirdre Mayfair is Julian’s daughter. She is a tragic character in the series since she endured terrible abuse from her father and Lasher. Deirdre is a character who has profound psychological distress and battles despair and addiction. Deirdre is a lovable woman despite her problems, and her journey gives the series depth and complexity.

  1. Aunt Carlotta

In the Mayfair Witches series, Aunt Carlotta Mayfair is a minor but significant character. She is a traditionalist and a fierce supporter of the customs and heritage of the Mayfair family. Rowan receives mentoring from Aunt Carlotta, who teaches her to master her abilities. Her appearance in the series gives the Mayfair family a feeling of heritage and history.

Other Important Characters:

  1. Michael Curry:

A pivotal figure in the Mayfair Witches series is Michael Curry. He is a gifted and prosperous architect who develops a romantic relationship with Rowan Mayfair. As a mortal, Michael initially finds accepting the Mayfair family’s supernatural existence complex. He is a crucial character since he represents the human viewpoint in the show and gives the narrative a sense of fragility and mortality.

  1. Aaron Lightner:

Aaron Lightner is a Taltos, a formidable supernatural being associated with the Mayfair dynasty. He first appears in the series in the last book and quickly establishes himself as a main character. Aaron is a complicated person who struggles with balancing his love for Mona Mayfair and his commitment to the Taltos. His tale gives the narrative a touch of intrigue and legend.

  1. Mona Mayfair:

A significant character in the series is Mona Mayfair, a member of the Mayfair family. She is a talented and robust witch who falls in love with Michael Curry. Between her affection for Michael and her ties to her family, Mona is a complicated and troubled heroine. Her tale gives the narrative a touch of passion and romance.

  1. Morrigan Mayfair:

A strong witch who belongs to the Mayfair family is called Morrigan. She has a small but crucial role in the series. Rowan receives guidance from Morrigan as she learns more about the background and legends of the Mayfair family. Her inclusion in the series gives the narrative more nuance and complexity.

  1. Ashlar:

An essential character in the Mayfair Witches series is Ashlar, a Taltos. He becomes linked with the Mayfair family and is the Taltos’ leader. The intentions and allegiances of Ashlar, a complicated and mysterious figure, are sometimes obscure. His tale gives the narrative an element of mythology and mysticism.

  1. Samuel:

The series’ pivotal Taltos character is named Samuel. He is first mentioned in the series’ second book and develops feelings for Rowan. Samuel is a complicated and tragic figure who struggles with his duty to the Taltos and his love for Rowan. His tale gives the narrative a touch of passion and tragedy.

  1. Julien Blackwood:

A small but crucial character in The Mayfair Witches series is Julien Blackwood. He is a part of the Talamasca, a covert group tasked with researching and cataloging otherworldly beings. Aaron Lightner receives guidance from Julien, who also explains Aaron’s relationship with the Mayfair family. His inclusion in the series gives the narrative an air of mystery and intrigue.


In conclusion, the characters in Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches series play a crucial role in the narrative. Each character contributes a distinct viewpoint and gives the story depth and complexity. Each individual substantially impacts the plot, from the wealthy Mayfair family to the mysterious Taltos. That’s all about mayfair and cast of mayfair witches.

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