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Apple Watts is a reality television star who has established a reputation in the entertainment industry thanks to her outspoken nature, aggressive aesthetic, and contagious enthusiasm. Apple Watts, who is most known for her appearances on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, has won the hearts of fans with her sympathetic story, open personality, and tremendous performing talent.

Apple Watts, born Ontelle Lafaye Watts on May 16, 1984, in California, grew up in a tough neighborhood where drug abuse, gang violence, and poverty were too common. Despite these challenges, she worked on her abilities as a dancer, rapper, and vocalist to become a successful artist.

Personal Life and Controversies of Apple Watts:

Apple Watts has always been outspoken about her difficulties, including her experiences growing up in poverty and overcoming addiction. She has also been transparent about her romantic connections, including her engagement with Shun Love, a fellow cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, which was featured on the program but ultimately resulted in a breakup. She has talked about her daughter Miyoko in interviews and on social media.

Regarding scandals, Apple Watts has received criticism from certain fans and other cast members for her actions on the program and in public. However, she has encountered legal troubles, including an identity theft arrest in 2019 and a lawsuit filed in 2020 by a former employee who claimed she was not compensated for her work on Apple Watts Beauty. Apple Watts inspires many admirers despite these obstacles by focusing on her job and personal development.

Early Life and Career of Apple Watts:

Ontelle Lafaye Watts, often Apple Watts, was born in Harbor City, California, on May 16, 1984. She was raised in a challenging setting with gang violence, poverty, and drug abuse. Although her mother battled drug addiction, her father was a gang member and served time in prison, leaving Apple Watts to look after her younger siblings. Apple Watts persisted in her resolve to better her situation and follow her aspirations of becoming a performer despite these obstacles.

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Apple Watts started as a dancer, earning a living at parties and strip clubs in her neighborhood. Afterward, she switched to singing and rapping, playing in numerous Los Angeles venues and open mic nights. Watts had a few modest roles in music videos and independent films before her arrival on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. However, she was still comparatively unknown in the entertainment industry.

Apple Watts has held a variety of professions to support herself in addition to her singing career, including waitress, barman, and even correctional officer. She has been upfront about her experiences with homelessness and poverty and attributes her success in overcoming these challenges to hard work and persistence.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and Apple Watts’ Storyline on the Show:

A reality TV program called Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood debuted on VH1 in 2014. The program focuses on various hip-hop and R&B performers in Los Angeles, including established stars and up-and-coming performers striving to establish themselves in the field. The program is renowned for its drama, disputes, and behind-the-scenes looks at the music industry.

On the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, aired in 2018, Watts joined the cast. She debuted as a new cast member, and the fans grew to love her for her combative demeanor and vibrant wardrobe. Her character’s plotline on the show was primarily concerned with her attempts to become a reputable artist in the field and her interpersonal relationships and family problems.

Apple Watts was depicted dealing with various difficulties and tensions throughout her tenure on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, including a troubled relationship with her ex-boyfriend, difficulties juggling her music career with her motherly duties, and confrontations with other cast members. She became well-known for her tagline, “I’m not a regular bh, I’m a cool bh,” which soon went viral on social media, and people connected with her honesty and sensitivity on the show.

Post-Love & Hip Hop Career of Apple Watts:

Apple Watts has kept up her enthusiasm for music and the industry since her experience on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She has started several businesses and partnerships, including an “Apple Watts Beauty” cosmetics brand and hair extensions. Together with these singles, she also released “Get Paid,” “Shrimp N Lobster,” and “Big Bang.”

In addition to her music career, reality TV has continued to be a mainstay for Watts. She made a guest appearance on an episode of “Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta” and co-starred in the second season of We TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” alongside her ex-fiance. She has also kept up her social media brand-building and has a sizable fan base on Instagram and TikTok.

Watts is persistent in her resolve to accomplish her ambitions and establish a reputation in the entertainment industry, despite various obstacles and scandals, including legal difficulties and criticism from fans and other cast members. She never ceases to inspire her audience with her tenacity, distinctive flair, and devotion to her profession.


In conclusion, Watts has had an exciting life and career. She overcame many challenges to succeed as a reality TV celebrity, artist, and businesswoman. She has demonstrated resiliency, drive, and an unrelenting commitment to her aspirations throughout her difficult upbringing in California and ascension to prominence on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Apple Watts continues to be well-liked in the entertainment world despite several failures and conflicts. Her distinctive style, combative demeanor, and motivational tale have inspired many followers. She has dramatically impacted reality TV, dismantling obstacles and demonstrating that anyone can succeed with effort and commitment.

Therefore, Apple Watts’ story exemplifies the value of pursuing your dreams no matter how challenging they may be and the strength of perseverance. She will undoubtedly make ripples in the entertainment industry for many years.

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