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The most recent model to join Toyota’s well-liked midsize SUV lineup is the 2024 Toyota 4Runner. An off-road vehicle that is adaptable and capable, with a strong engine, remarkable towing capability, and cutting-edge safety features. The 2024 Toyota 4Runner is an SUV with a sleek, contemporary style that is made to compete on and off the road.

Since it was first offered in the midsize SUV market in the early 1980s, the Toyota 4Runner has become an institution. It has undergone numerous upgrades and redesigns throughout the years, making it one of the most well-liked and respected SUVs in its class. The 2024 Toyota 4Runner builds on this history by giving drivers a dependable, powerful car that’s ideal for any adventure.

Design and Features

Exterior Design

  1. Body Dimensions and Style

The exterior of the 2024 Toyota 4Runner will be tough and sporty, with a broad stance and strong lines. Both a 4-door SUV and a 2-door pickup truck version will be offered. With an approximate length of 190 inches, a width of 75 inches, and a height of 71 inches, the 4Runner’s measurements are anticipated to stay the same as those of the previous model year.

  1. Optional wheels and tires

Depending on the specification level, the 2024 Toyota 4Runner is anticipated to have a choice of wheel and tyre options. These will be available in steel and alloy materials, with sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

  1. Options for Exterior Colors

Popular exterior color choices for the 2024 Toyota 4Runner are anticipated to be Super White, Magnetic Grey Metallic, and Midnight Black Metallic. For the 2024 model year, new color possibilities are anticipated as well.

picture containing a 4WD

Interior Features:

  1. Availability and Comfort of Seats

Up to seven passengers can be accommodated in the 2024 Toyota 4Runner, and each passenger will have plenty of legroom and headroom.picture containing interior of a car High-quality upholstery and a variety of personalization possibilities are anticipated for the seats.

Safety Features:

  1. Informational System

A cutting-edge infotainment system with a big touchscreen display, speech recognition technology, and smartphone connection is anticipated to be standard equipment on the 2024 Toyota 4Runner. Additionally, it will have a top-notch audio system so that passengers may listen to their favorite songs with excellent sound.

  1. Storage and Cargo Space

It is anticipated that the 2024 Toyota 4Runner would feature a lot of storage capacity and freight room, making it a fantastic alternative for road trips or outdoor excursions. It will have numerous storage spaces within the cabin in addition to a large trunk area.

Production and Availability:

A popular SUV type, the Toyota 4Runner, has been manufactured for many years. Toyota hasn’t yet made the 2024 4Runner’s official production figures public, though. Production could be restricted as a result of the global shortage of semiconductors.

The 2024 Toyota 4Runner is expected to be available in the United States in the fall of 2023. However, the exact release date may vary by region. Customers should check with their local dealerships for more information.

Toyota has not yet disclosed the 2024 4Runner’s official price. Pricing is anticipated to be comparable to that of the 2023 model, which has a base price of $36,765 and a top price of $51,590. Depending on the options and packages chosen, the final cost may change.

Engine and Performance

  • Engine specifications

A 4.0-liter V6 engine and a hybrid powertrain are the two engine choices the 2024 Toyota 4Runner is anticipated to offer. The projected output of the V6 engine is 278 lb-ft of torque and 270 horsepower. A V6 engine and an electric motor will be used in the hybrid powertrain to generate more than 300 horsepower.

  • Transmission and drivetrain

Either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 5-speed automatic gearbox are anticipated for the 4Runner. All variants are anticipated to come standard with four-wheel drive, with the cheapest model also having a rear-wheel drive option.

  • Fuel economy and towing capacity

The 2024 4Runner’s fuel economy hasn’t been formally revealed, but it’s anticipated to be comparable to the 2023 model, which gets about 16 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway. It is anticipated that the hybrid powertrain will provide better fuel efficiency.

When properly equipped, the 2024 4Runner is anticipated to have a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. For individuals who need to tow a trailer or a small boat, this makes it a good option.


  • Comparison with other midsize SUVs:

  1. Compared to other midsize SUVs like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer, and Chevrolet Traverse, the Toyota 4Runner from 2024 comes out on top.
  2. Draw attention to how the design, features, and performance are similar and different.
  3. Compare the 4Runner’s advantages and disadvantages to those of its rivals.
  • How it compares to the competition:

  1. Compare the Toyota 4Runner’s pricing, features, and overall value to those of its rivals in 2024.
  2. Compare the 4Runner’s reliability and performance to that of other midsize SUVs.
  3. Give a fair assessment of how the 4Runner compares to its rivals.


In conclusion, the 2024 Toyota 4Runner is a versatile midsize SUV that offers a unique blend of off-road capability, practicality, and reliability. It is a well-liked option for people who prefer to travel off the beaten route due to its tough design, potent engine options, and four-wheel drive capabilities. It might not be the most fuel-efficient model available, and some customers might find its outdated infotainment system a deterrent. Overall, for anyone looking for a tough and capable midsize SUV that can handle a variety of driving conditions, the 2024 Toyota 4Runner is a great option.

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