Did you know?

  • Teachers spend over 10 hours a week searching aimlessly on the internet looking for new ideas that they think maybe their children will connect with and engage with!
  • Directors spend hours thinking about each classroom and what the teachers are doing.

Maybe you are a super creative director and ideas burst through your veins?

Or maybe you aren’t that creative and you wish you had what it takes to inspire your staff. 

No matter where you are in the journey as a director… 

You just cannot afford to wait any longer!

By keeping this all mashed up in your head, you are missing out on the opportunity to have the school that you want! 

Here’s the thing…

Teachers and directors are prone to burnout a whole lot faster than they ever were before.

We’re all bombarded with millions of ideas all the time.

And your teachers struggle with choosing the ones that are right for them and the children in their class.

For example, not too long ago, I was speaking with a teacher who had tried a sensory activity in her classroom. It was a great activity and the children were going to have the opportunity to engage in various new mediums.

She set up the provocation beautifully.

She told me later, “It was crazy, the place got so messy! It was all over the walls and the chairs. The kids couldn’t get to the sink in time. I was so excited about doing this activity, but I ended up being stressed out the whole time, that I didn’t even really engage with them. I was just waiting for them to be done, so I could clean up the mess.”

She spoke with such desperation in her voice, “What did I do wrong?”

I said, “You didn’t do anything wrong, you weren’t ready to bring this type of sensory into your class yet.”

You HATE a mess, and so bringing this huge mess into your class right away was a recipe for a disaster. I suggested a few simple sensory activities that she got started with.

A few months later she reached out again.

“I put out this provocation again, this time, I sat down with my apron and latex gloves, I pulled back my hair and was ready to be with the kids.

My gosh! The children loved it! They were so involved I didn’t even realize how long they were playing with it, my assistant told me it was time to clean up so we can go outside.

What difference from the first time around. This time I was ready.”


The thing is… there’s a HUGE myth out there.

The myth is: There's one, universal 'right' way to teach.

And an offshoot of that myth is – the right thing to do is always to focus 100% on what the kids need – even if that means the teacher has to make sacrifices or do things they’re uncomfortable with.

There are so many teachers out there, trying to do what’s “right.”

But what's 'right' for one teacher isn't always 'right' for another teacher.

Everyone has unique strengths, as well as challenges and areas they’re uncomfortable going toward.

(I’m not suggesting that a teacher should never stretch herself out of her comfort zone, BUT when a teacher consistently does things she’s uncomfortable with or doesn’t feel like she’s good at, she’s going to be miserable… and the kids will feed off that energy and be miserable, too.)

As the director, if you can help your teachers to discover their strengths and then choose ideas and strategies aligned with who they are (and with the children in their classroom), what you can accomplish in your school will amaze you!

4 Mindblowing Reasons 

Teachers who understand their strengths and know which activities are developmentally appropriate for their children can...

1. Engage better with their children

2. Make lasting connections with the children and their parents

3. Have better classroom management

4. And pique their children’s curiosity by asking the right questions

…because there are always great things happening in their classroom.

On top of that…

These are the teachers who are always motivated and excited.

You walk into their classrooms and you actually feel the passion because they're doing what they love.

HOW can you make this happen in YOUR school?

Nobody teaches us how to inspire staff.

When you took the job, nobody told you how hard it would be to train your teachers to understand developmentally appropriate practice.

More than that, we aren’t taught how be leaders.

We just get placed into that position and then when we don’t know what to do, we feel weak, because somehow everyone else “seems to have it all together.”

You look at other schools and wonder...

“How come her school can do this?”

“How is her team able to be so innovative?”

“Why do her parents seem to be so much more engaged than mine?”

And then you tell yourself...

“I don’t have enough experience.”

“My teachers are veterans.”

“My teachers are stuck in their ways.”

“My parents don’t care – they’re just coming to drop off their kids.”

“I live in XYZ City. We’re very different here.”

And that's when you probably do what most directors in your position do...

… you do more research.

… you do more networking.

… you join more Facebook groups.

… you do more Googling and Pinteresting.

Because there’s a part of you that feels like you just need more knowledge and information.

Here is the hard core truth!


If KNOWLEDGE were the magic key to opening the door to everything you want in your school and ending all the challenges you face every day – then all you need to do is go on to the internet and start searching, RIGHT?

So then, WHY – with all the FREE access to knowledge and Facebook groups – are teachers still struggling to bring mindful provocations into their classroom?

Why are teachers unaware of what activities are developmentally appropriate?

Why don’t they know which activity builds which skills and how to write a professional newsletter?

It's because more knowledge is NOT the key.


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